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We take pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers.

The role we play in leading our clients into their dream job, in a career they love, provides immeasurable satisfaction.

Please see the testimonials of a few of our satisfied clients below.

  • “I loved my old resume: it was four pages long, blocks of descriptive experience, complicated, well written, detailed and read like a personal biography of my successful business experience. Half the recruiters liked it, half did not, the point is that I received very few interviews because of the detail and the complicated resume killed the interviews that I did get.

    Resumes2Resumes fixed the massive mess of my resume into two pages representing over 30 years of experience. I launched my resume on an internet distributions service that generated 30 contacts, five company interviews. Resumes2Resumes provided an excellent interview preparation workshop by phone that was like having a coach for my interviews. I accepted a VP Sales & Marketing position with a $400 million healthcare services company.”

    - J.Mark, Houston, TX

  • “I graduated, purchased four books on resumes, downloaded Microsoft’s resume template and spent over 100 hours reading the books and writing my resume….I wasted $200 and three months redoing my resume – just to get a single interview.

    I sent my best resume to Resumes2Resumes, had a 45 minute discussion on the phone, and in 48 hours I had a sharp, clean, unique resume that reflected my experience and strengths. Not only did I get more interviews from my resume, I got a job!”

    - Tammy, Charlotte, NC

  • “I have 25 years’ management and development experience working in the construction industry. A six page resume detailing every job, project (public, private and government) over that time period. Tough economy or not, my experience should have put me at the top of the list.

    Resumes2Resumes simply fixed my six page laundry list into a true reflection of my experience and success that became a discussion tool during interviews instead of a memory test. I landed a Director’s position with a Top-5 Fortune construction company.”

    - Thomas B., Ocala, FL

  • “Found Resumes2Resumes on the web and called/emailed my resume to them. We had two primary discussions and four follow up reviews. In less than 48 hours I had a resume that reflected my skills, success and gained the attention needed to get several interviews over the next four weeks.

    Resumes2Resumes went the extra distance by providing me interview coaching on how to answer the hard questions, an interview planning worksheet and how to ‘close the deal’ for the job. It all worked and I thank Resumes2Resumes for their help and professionalism.”

    - Elton G., Charleston, SC

THIS is our pledge to you 100% “GUAR-AN-TEE” period

We guarantee you at least one interview in 30 days of sending out your new resume.

If you do not get an interview we will STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCT

We will reevaluate, recreate and rewrite your resume. We will start over with our evaluation of your resume, your job search and take heed to your thoughts.

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