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Before a hiring authority sees your resume, they see your resume cover letter. Your resume cover letter is the first impression many hiring authorities will see of you – on paper. Resumes2Resumes.com provides a total package to assure your skills, experience and accomplishments are clearly showcased: your professional resume cover letter, your professional resume, and we provide help with resumes as needed.

We look at your: Career Goals, Background and Skill Set

  • Overall view of your resume
  • Discuss if there are any obvious errors on your resume
  • Discuss the configuration or form you are using for your resume
  • Discuss your job background to bring up items that should be included on your resume
  • Dates that are important and those that are not
  • Answer any and all questions you may have
  • Finished professional resume

Professional Resumes for everyone – not just professionals

Professional Resumes for everyone:

Resumes2Resumes.com does Professional Resumes for everyone looking for a job, not just the professional. Whether you are a Construction Manager or Vice President, an Airline Pilot or an Insurance Salesman… our resumes get you to the top of the resume stack… get you noticed. We believe the resume is a Marketing Tool, not just words on a page with correct punctuation… it is an advertisement of your work success and expertise.

Don’t miss your next opportunity! Our professional resumes service will provide all the help with resumes you need.

THIS is our pledge to you 100% “GUAR-AN-TEE” period

We guarantee you at least one interview in 30 days of sending out your new resume.

If you do not get an interview we will STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCT

We will reevaluate, recreate and rewrite your resume. We will start over with our evaluation of your resume, your job search and take heed to your thoughts.

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