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Resumes online –

At Resumes2Resumes, we are not just an online resume writer. We are genuine career consultants/hiring coaches who will confer with you by phone. As part of our discovery process, we will gather information through phone calls, emails and even coffee if you are close enough.

Resume formats –

There are many different resume formats or templates available from the Internet. At Resumes2Resumes, we build your resume from the foundation up. Never cookie-cutter. Never templated. Some industries demand a specific structure, which we do observe while we develop, enhance and present your unique qualifications.

Resumes for all industries –

Resumes2Resumes prepares effective, dynamic and professional resumes for all industries. Regardless of your career choice and resume need, Resumes2Resumes brings the skill and expertise to enhance your experience and goals for prospective employers. With our experience, you will win the interview regardless of your industry: IT, Construction, Sales, CEO, etc.

We’ve anticipated your most common questions, and answered them below:

How much do your services cost?

Resumes2Resumes offers a variety of services at prices starting at only $49.99! To see a full list of our pricing and services, view our Pricing and Services page.

How will I correspond with the writers?

Our writers offer a personalized approach, whereby you can speak to an advisor both on the phone and e-mail throughout the resume writing process.

How long does it take for my resume and/or cover letter to be created?

The fully completed resume and/or cover letter will be sent to you within 1-4 business days. There is an additional $10 charge to receive the documents within 1 business day.

Do you offer consulting for job interviews and job searching?

Yes, our staff can coach you through the interview process giving interview tips and interview guidelines, in an effort to strengthen and condition your first impression with prospective employers. This is done on an hourly basis now included FREE.

How does this work?

We start with a fact-gathering conversation, whereby we gain an insight into your past work experience and any additional pertinent information which should be included. Next, we discuss with you the position(s) you are most actively seeking, so that we can tailor your resume for the industry you are targeting. We begin to retool your resume, and within 1-4 business days you can have the completed result in your hands. Upon completion, we send the resume to you for your final approval. We follow up with a conversation, where you can vocalize any concerns you may have or any changes you would like implemented, in an effort to ensure that you are highly-satisfied with the finished product(s). In addition, we share with you our thinking process during the writing of the resume, so that you can understand as to why our professionals made the decisions that produced your resume.

What writing program does Resumes2Resumes use to create documents?

Our staff uses Microsoft Word to create resumes and cover letters.

How does your revision process work?

Our writers will revise a client’s documents until they are ultimately satisfied with the resume and/or cover letter.

What is your privacy standard?

All information provided to us is strictly held confidential. We will NEVER share your information with any third-party companies.

What is Resumes2Resumes’s policy as it pertains to refunds and “returns”?

Due to the fact that we provide individuals with a customized service that cannot be “returned” to us for re-sale, we do not offer refunds. However, our promise to our clients is that we will continue to re-write their documents until they are fully satisfied with them.

Do you use customized templates or a special program to create the documents?

No, all of our resumes are customized to your respective experience. We do not use a template-program to create the documents.

If I do a Free Consultation, do I need to purchase your services?

No, our free consultation is designed to educate you on the weaknesses of your resume, and allow a professional resume writer to provide you with his or her recommendations as to how best improve the resumes. While many of our clients initially begin the process with a free consultation, you do not need to purchase our services if you do not wish to move forward.

Do you work with specific job fields?

Resumes2Resumes has helped thousands of individuals in nearly every field. Regardless of your title or prior experience, we can assist you in creating a new resume and/or cover letter for you.

How long has Resumes2Resumes been around?

Resumes2Resumes was formed in 2006.

How are the documents delivered to me?

Your document(s) will be e-mailed to you in Word. However, please ask for other means to deliver your resume.

How do you accept payments?

You may facilitate payment of our services using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. A confirmation receipt detailing your purchase is automatically e-mailed to you.

THIS is our pledge to you 100% “GUAR-AN-TEE” period

We guarantee you at least one interview in 30 days of sending out your new resume.

If you do not get an interview we will STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCT

We will reevaluate, recreate and rewrite your resume. We will start over with our evaluation of your resume, your job search and take heed to your thoughts.

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